25 years ago, Republic of Moldova became a member of the Council of Europe

The ratification of European Convention on Human Rights and many other European Conventions demonstrates country’s aspiration and commitments to meet the Organisation’s standards on democracy, human rights and the rule of law.

In all these years, Moldova has benefited from enormous support from Council of Europe through different programs and activities  in performing reforms. Thanks to the Council of Europe, the Equality Council is becoming fully operational and implementing its mandate successfully. Recent achievements includes high level of awareness of the Equality Council, as well as recognition by the EQUINET who has accepted EC’s application to become the member of this network. In the past years the number of cases addressed to the EC is increasing, this fact is showing that this body is seen by the population as an effective remedy against discrimination.

On occasion of 25th anniversary of the Republic of Moldova accessing Council of Europe, we want to congratulate all citizens, our beneficiaries, authorities, public entities. Moldova’s membership at the Council of Europe assures us that our effort in preventing and combating discrimination and ensuring equality for all persons on the territory of the Republic of Moldova efforts are not in vain and Moldova’s rapprochement with European values will continue.