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Strategic development

Strategic Development Plan 2017-2019

Goal no.1    Equal  protection 
  1.Ensure equality between men and women in the labour market

2. Prevent and eliminate inequalities in the educational system (collecting and analysing of statistical data and formulating recommendations for ensuring equality of rights for both genders, Roma, people with disabilities)

3. Identify and prevent inequalities in accessing to public goods and services

4. Monitor and implement measures to ensure equality


Goal no.2 Integration of equality and non-discrimination principles
  1.Analyze the legislation and public policy in terms of compliance with the non-discriminations principles

2. Support public institutions for implementation of equality principles in their activities

3. Monitor the implementation of generally accepted recommendations in the non-discrimination field



Goal no.3     Protection of Victims of Discrimination
  1.Ensure effective complaints management

2.Identify and provide adequate solutions for victims of discrimination

3.Identify and provide successful strategic causes

4.Monitor and implement Council’s recommendations



Goal no.4     Communication and empowerment
1.Inform the population about the phenomenon of discrimination and the national protection mechanisms

2. Strengthen cooperation with civil society to empower vulnerable groups to claim their non-discrimination rights

3. Strengthen cooperation with Parliament, national public authorities and international institutions



Goal no.5    Strengthening the Institutional Sustainability
1.Improve the legal framework on the Council’s functionality

2. Implement the quality management system

3. Strengthen the human resources management system

4. Development of fund absorption abilities and project implementation