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Don’t be Indifferent, They Need Our Support!

10 October is an important day which reminds international community about our mental health. Mental health day communicates to us that being mentally healthy means to live a life full of vivid emotions where stress doesn’t cause damages, where we react in an adequate way to different real-life situations. This day reminds us about people with mental disabilities who need our support and help for harmonious integration in the society. Ignoring and isolating their needs leads to further moral deterioration and deny their chance to live a life full of emotions.

In 2015 Study on Equality Perceptions and Attitudes in the Republic of Moldova was published to show the following findings and conclusions of that study: 2/3 interviewed associated this group of persons with persons mentally / psychologically ill, 1/3 consider that they are invalids, 27.7% perceive them as distressful. As well 20.5% of the respondents perceive them with persons with mental retardation, and also there are respondents who consider that this type of persons is dangerous – 17.2% answers, 7.2% – should be isolated, and about 6% of answers perceive these persons as excluded or disregarded. The majority of the respondents have remarked that the persons with mental impairments should be avoided as they are considered to be “dangerous”.

In the framework of the Universal Periodic Review of the Republic of Moldova (2nd Period), the Council submitted an Alternative Report and made the following recommendations:

1. Ensure that election procedures and election materials are appropriate, accessible and easy to understand format;
2. The removal of discriminatory constraints and ensuring the exercise of political rights by all persons with disabilities;
3. Implement an efficient mechanism of sanctioning for non-compliance with accessibility standards
4. Develop a system of comprehensive strategies aimed at the entire private sector and focused on the person with disabilities, not on the enterprises belonging to associations
5. assigning of a proper
6. Office that should correspond to the requirements of accessibility, safety and health at work; increasing the number of staff and payment for labour at the level of institution for the protection of human rights
7. Amend the legal framework by introducing a requirement that local public authorities have to plan financial resources to support the implementation of social service “Personal Assistance”.

Council for preventing and eliminating discrimination and ensuring equality reminds about Article 1 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights which stresses that ‘all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights’, the Preamble on the Rights of Persons with mental disabilities stipulates that discrimination of every person with disability means a serious violation of his dignity and his human value. That’s why our duty is to strive for eliminating stereotypes and prejudices.

Everyone can be affected by a mental illness which can deprive his pleasures of life. Don’t be indifferent, they need our support!