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Mărțișoare for All on Zero Discrimination Day

Chisinau, 1st March 2019  – Today is internationally celebrated ZERO DISCRIMINATION DAY. This day calls all people to promote and to celebrate diversity, tolerance and inclusion, and to act together for combating discrimination. At the same time, organizations, which protect human rights, contribute to ensuring equality and preventing discrimination, act together to advocate tolerance, respect and acceptance. Today, on Zero DISCRIMINATION DAY, we call urgently to take measures against discriminatory laws at UNAIDS’s proposal.

In the Republic of Moldova’s society stereotypes and prejudices continues existing and leading to direct and indirect violation of human rights and discriminate persons on protected criteria by law.

“The experience of Council for Preventing and Eliminating Discrimination and Ensuring Equality shows that persons are frequently discriminated based on their disability, sex/gender, linguistic and ethnic criteria”, – declared Yan Feldman, Council’s President.

Zero DISCRIMINATION DAY coincides with the first day of spring, and that’s why Council have decided to mark it in a great way to give Mărțișoare without discrimination. Moreover, the Equality Council team has interacted with walkers and informed them about the discrimination phenomenon and its consequences in society.

Pedestrians have found out about instruments of reporting a discriminatory case and to claim their right to non-discrimination.

In 2018 complaint average had doubled.

ZERO DISCRIMINATION Day is marked every year at the UNAIDS Initiative – The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS.