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On December 10, We Celebrate Our Rights!

What do Human Rights represent in the XXIst century? We have reached a high level of technological development, but why does the problem of Human Rights remain popular?

And even if information technologies have advanced, many people still don’t know that from the beginning of their life they hold some rights and liberties, which must be protected, respected and not violated. Every state is obliged to ensure that every citizen from the smallest and to oldest one is protected by Human Rights. When we get to know our rights, we have become responsible towards ourselves and our state. Unfortunately, 70 years after the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was signed, we are still witnessing that they are seriously violated.

Although we have had different social backgrounds, we are equal from our birth, but then the social status become an obstacle for using some rights, we can appeal to the National Mechanism, which can help us to protect our right to equality and non-discrimination.  The main goal of the Council is to respect, protect and promote the Human Rights.

Council for preventing and eliminating discrimination and ensuring equality encourage all people from the Republic of Moldova to fight for the respect of their fundamental rights and liberties. When we respect our rights, at the same time, we need to respect the rights and liberties of others. Only then, we can contribute to the rule of law formation.