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NGOs Representatives from the Transnistrian Region Interested in the Council's Activity

On 21 July, NGOs representatives from Nistru River left coast visited the Council for Preventing and Eliminating Discrimination and Ensuring Equality.  This visit was organised in partnership with the Non-Discrimination Coalition and the Council’s President was opened to discuss every acute problem which was presented in Transnistria region, especially in the field of non-discrimination.

 The President of the Council, Mr. Ian Feldman has described in details the Council’s activity that this is one of the most efficient mechanisms for preventing discrimination. During the visit, there were presented statics data about achieved goals, such as more installed ramps for people with physical disability in public and private buildings.

NGOs Representatives and the CPEDEE President unanimously have agreed that the Republic of Moldova isn’t an adapted state for persons with special needs so that it is important to organise different social actions to attend attention to the person’s with disability problems.

At the end, they reached a conclusion that the social life of the state must be organised in such way that every person had an opportunity to feel as a part of society, to respect non-discriminative rights and to live a full life.