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Equal Rights in Rural Communities

Council for preventing and eliminating discrimination and ensuring equality implements the project “Equal rights in rural communities” in which it proposes to visit 6 rural localities in the country, to discuss with local people about their right to equality and to present the national mechanism’s activity that offers protection against discrimination.

The Council’s complaint rate shows that urban citizens are more active at protecting their right to equality than rural ones.  In 2017 the complaint analysis showed that 85% of complaints came from the urban area rather than the rural one. That’s why this data is caused by the Council’s lower representation and weak awareness of discrimination in rural communities.

For that reason between September 20 and October 15 Council is going to organize an informational campaign for raising awareness of citizens from rural communities. Using geographical location, population size, and ethnic distribution criteria, Council has selected the following communities:

Congaz (Comrat district), Tvarditsa (Taraclia district), Slobozia Mare (Cahul district), Corlateni (Riscani district), Sipoteni (Calarasi district), Varzaresti (Nisporeni district).

On the day of the campaign, the Council’s team will install the Equality Tent where it will release a short video “Fight for your right to be equal!”.  As well, Council’s team will address locals about discrimination damages in the society and will discuss ways for prevention this phenomenon. Participants will receive informational materials, t-shirts, and paper bags.

Council is a public authority founded on the Law No.121/2012 for Ensuring Equality that prohibits all forms of discrimination based on the criteria: race, color, nationality, ethnic origin, language, religion or belief, sex, age, disability, opinion, political affiliation or any other similar criterion.

All interested to participate in the campaign, please send us a message on


This campaign is organized by the Council for Preventing and Eliminating Discrimination and Ensuring Equality in partnership with the Institute Penal Reform with the support of the Program for the Financing of Human Rights Initiative / Change Projects. This program is carried out with the participation of the Institute for Penal Reform within the project “Strengthening the technical capacities of national institutions for the promotion and protection of human rights” financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark and implemented by the United Nations Development Program