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Shoe Products are Promoted Through Sexist Advertising

Council for preventing and eliminating discrimination and ensuring equality issued a new decision about sexist billboard placed at the main entrance of the shoe store.

In a complaint submitted to Council was invoked discrimination in the form of harassment, which manifested through promotion and distribution of ad that humiliated human dignity. The billboard showed the woman’s bare legs next to the slogan with sexual allusions. 

Council noted that exposure of woman’s body parts (legs) in provocative poses had created sexual fantasies and desires aiming to attract clients. Therefore, the fact of harassment was proved in billboard installation, where a woman had been presented in a humiliating situation.

Recall that according to the provisions of art. 11 par. (2) of the Law on Advertising no. 1227/1997, it is considered sexist advertising, which presents woman or man as a sexual object in humiliating situations that offends human dignity or promotes discriminatory stereotypes, which supports the perception that woman is a weak, vulnerable and dependent as well as she has a lower social standing.

In the first part of 2019, Council has received 14 complaints that humiliated the human dignity, 6 issued decision confirmed it (3 of them were about sexist ads), others are still in the process of examination.

For preventing harassment based on sexist ads, Council encourages and supports advertising agencies to consult about ad’s content before publishing.

To know more about the decision follow the link.