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Panel Discussion on Discrimination, harassment/bullying, mobbing and other types of abuses faced by pupils in educational institutions

The Head of Department of protection from discrimination Carolina Bagrin participated in a panel discussion organized for 20 representatives of Student Council from Center of Excellence in Informatics and Informational Technologies. Council’s delegate discussed with participants such topics as discrimination phenomenon, authorities, where people can report discriminatory cases, as well she described methods of applying sanctions to persons, who commit discriminatory actions, victimization and procedures to prevent all of them.

Young people were highly interested to hear about the Council’s experience in solving discriminatory cases, where pupils were involved in.

Students demonstrated a healthy attitude towards their peers, who got in discriminated groups. Furthermore, they addressed questions about the procedure of making a complaint in conditions of frustration and fear; compliance with the Council’s recommendation by institutions and persons, who committed discrimination.

 As well, General Inspectorate of the Police and the People’s Advocate joined the discussions. Their goal was to strengthen the knowledge of young people for preventing the discrimination phenomenon and encouraging the promotion of equality in educational institutions.

The event host was Center of Excellence in Informatics and Informational Technologies.