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Opportunity for Underrepresented Groups to Undergo an Internship in Equality Council

19 July this year, the representatives of Equality Council participated in the 4th launching ceremony of the UN Internship Programme for underrepresented groups.

“As one of the first public authorities, which supported the UN Internship Programme in the area of human rights and assisting representatives from underrepresented groups by raising their level of participation, Council has decided to offer two places for pursuing an internship “, – highlighted Yan Feldman, President of the Council.

Natalia Bumbu and Vladislav Lupasco are interns, who for the following 4 months, will become part of the Equality Council’s team and will participate in the Council’s activity.

Natalia Bumbu: “So proud to be here today and to become Council’s intern. That’s a step forward in a battle for ensuring gender equality and equality for every discriminated person”.

Vladislav Lupasco: “As CounciI’s intern, I want to develop my communication skills and to expand my knowledge in the area of anti-discrimination policies and later on to contribute to positive changes in the world”.

From the first launch of the programme in 2016, around 37 persons from underrepresented groups as persons with disabilities, representatives from ethnic and linguistic minorities, persons with HIV have become UN interns.

UN Internship Programme represents a positive measure, which offers a chance for underrepresented groups to develop skills as well as it contributes to the promotion of inclusivity increasing competitiveness of interns on the job market.

Study on Equality Perceptions and Attitudes in the Republic of Moldova shows that people are not tolerant to all social groups. At the same time, it is stated that all those who interacted with representatives of vulnerable groups, have become more tolerant and raised their level of acceptance.