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The International Day of Persons with Disabilities !

On December 3rd, it is marked the International Day of Persons with disabilities. We would like to remind that persons with disabilities have the same equal rights as other citizens in the country. We are equal before the law. In recent years many nongovernmental and state organizations have started promoting the rights of persons with disabilities, fighting with discrimination and inequalities for including them in the social life. The positive thing is that persons with disabilities started to know better their rights and to fight for them. Many recommendations have been formulated by other states when the Republic of Moldova was examined by the European Committees and in frames of the Universal Periodic Review. Moreover, the Council for preventing and eliminating discrimination and ensuring equality has submitted many alternative reports to the European Committees including recommendations for creating the legal framework which would respect all the rights of persons with disabilities, because the legislation of the Republic of Moldova has gapes, that’s why persons with disabilities are continuing to be discriminated. Unfortunately, we note that persons with mental disabilities don’t participate in public and political life since the Law of Equality has been adopted. As consequence, the inclusion of them continues to be unsolved, because their access to:

–    Buildings of public authorities;

–    Court buildings;

–    Medical centres;

–    Catering areas

remains limited. The Council’s case law remarks that 76% of its decisions have include cases of discrimination against persons with disabilities on access to public goods and services. That’s why Council would like to improve its possibilities to prevent discrimination against persons with disabilities and protect victims of discrimination.


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