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Public Lecture about Non-discrimination Area Policies

Aprile 8, 2019 – Council’s President Yan Feldman as a lecturer held a public lecture about ‘The Capacity of Walking in the Shoes of Another Person and to Comprehend What Discrimination Is’ for professors and students of Institute of International Relations of Moldova.

Listeners showed high interest to know more about the socio-political context that had led to the creation of entities, which protect human rights and Equality Council as well as their mission and the impact of their activity on national and international levels.

During the meeting, participants were discussing discriminatory cases considered by the Council, which caused a resonance in society.

Students together with professors were interested to know about different forms of discrimination manifestation and discriminatory attitudes based on protected legal criteria.

The topic of job ads, which included discriminatory duties, provoked active debates among participants. To respond to it, students were recommended to elaborate job ads according to the nature and activity of the vacancy.

In order to strengthen the cooperation between two institutions, Yan Feldman discussed with Dean of faculty of International Relations and Political Science Victor Stepaniuc an opportunity of signing an agreement about holding regular thematic seminars for students about the phenomenon of discrimination and the mechanisms of its elimination.