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CPEDEE Project Launching

The Council for the preventing and eliminating discrimination and ensuring equality, as the recipient, together with the Institute for penal reform implemented with effect from August 4, the project “prevention of discriminatory manifestations in drafting notices of employment in the private sector”, with the support of the programme of initiatives/projects of change in the field of human rights.
Project CPEDEE intends to intervene in the optics of employers and managers trained in the recruitment process, to include in job offers only those essential conditions that determine the nature and specifics of the business. Promoting this change will result in a balanced and non-discriminatory participation of all groups in the labour market.

The project will kick off with a month-long monitoring of notices of employment in the private sector, which will be placed on 6 online portals. The results of monitoring will be investigated in order to identify the main discriminatory manifestations occurring in employment notices and will be used as a source in the development of practical tools for preventing discriminatory notices. In order to strengthen the institutional sustainability of prevention component will be developed the methodology relating to recommendations of a general nature.

At the second stage of implementation, practical tools will be created, which will be made available to employers. In this sense, the project comes up with an innovative proposal of creating an online platform through which each employer to assess the content of the notice, from the perspective of the law on ensuring equal. At the same time, will be distributed to employers and a practical guide to the development of employment notices, which will contain recommendations on the establishment of professional requirements, depending on the specifics of the work. At the third stage, the employees will be trained to implement the instruments.

Employers who will integrate the principles of equality and non-discrimination will be granted a specific logo design which will be developed within the project.
The development and implementation of the project also lies and in the proposed objective to develop the ability of absorption of funds and implementation of projects from the strategic development programme of the Council for the years 2017-2019.

The program of financing of projects initiatives/change in the field of human rights is carried out by the Institute for penal reform (IPR) under the project “Strengthening of technical capacities of national institutions for the promotion and protection of human rights”, financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme.

Leader of the implementation team: Carolina Bagrin;  tel. 079356461