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Launch of The Programme for Ensuring Equality in the Rural Area

Council for preventing and eliminating discrimination and ensuring equality together with the Institute for Penal Reforms launches the project “Equal rights in rural communities”.

Being a National mechanism for preventing and combating discrimination, Council has a goal to protect vulnerable groups (women, men, children, youngsters, aged persons) in the rural area and to raise their legal literacy for claiming the right to non-discrimination.  Council’s statistics show that economic, social, and cultural rights are frequently violated in the rural area, because of existing discrepancy of opportunities in urban and rural areas. Also, there is a lack of opportunities in schools, extracurricular activities, sports, culture, leisure, employment, physical and informational accessibility and etc.

People from the rural area are discriminated as well as others from urban one, that’s why the implementation of such project represents an importance as the number of the complaints from this area received by Council remains very low. People feel the barrier to address to the Council and consequently, discrimination continues strongly to exist there.

In light of the above, Council has decided to work in the field of raising people legal literacy using e-learning platform designed for teaching all those who are interested in the topic of equality and non-discrimination. Council aims to organize an informational campaign in 6 settlements of Moldova and to present its activity and different tools to address a complaint. During the informational campaign, people will have an opportunity to become familiar with the values of equality and non-discrimination and will know better how to prevent discrimination. For the efficient protection of the discriminated persons, Council proposes to cooperate with postal services for allowing the free dispatch of letters containing complaints of discrimination from rural areas.

The success of the campaign will allow victims of discrimination to claim their right to equality.

Duration of the project: 6 months.

The project is implemented by the Council for  Preventing and Eliminating Discrimination and Ensuring Equality in Partnership with the Institute for Penal Reform with the support of the Funding Program Initiatives/projects for changes in the field of Human Rights. This program is carried out with the participation of the Institute for Penal Reform within the project “Strengthening the technical capacities of national institutions for the promotion and protection of human rights” financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark and implemented by the United Nations Development Program.