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Launching the Graz Recommendations on Access to Justice and National Minorities

The High Commissioner on National Minorities (HCNM) Lamberto Zannier invited the President of the Council for preventing discrimination to participate in the meeting of launching the Graz Recommendations on Access to Justice and National Minorities.

The access to justice represents an important goal for OSCE state members especially of those which faces tensions in conflict zones. The Graz Recommendations were created for representatives of national minorities as a mechanism for growing their trust in state institutions and Judiciary. That’s why state members are encouraged to facilitate the access for preventing the process of social marginalization and systematic discrimination.

During Council’s activity, it has received complaints where discrimination on access to Justice was mentioned as consequences of ethical origin or speaking language. In many cases, Courts denied complaints because they were written in the foreign language (in the Russian language). Moreover, there are legal acts that recognize the Russian language as a language of interethnic one.

11.3% of Council’ decisions represent the discrimination on access to Justice of national minorities.

It’s important to highlight that discrimination based on race, colour, language, nationality or ethnic origin is prohibited in such areas as public security and Judiciary.