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The Official Meeting of the World Bank and UNDP Representatives with Council Member Andrei Brighidin

On 19 July, the World Bank Representative Alexandru Cojocaru and the UNDP Programme Specialist, Human Rights Representative Isabelle Tschan officially visited the CPEDEE and held a discussion with Council Member Andrei Brigidin, who presented the creation history of the Council and its activity, and the Law no.121’s functionality.

The highest percentage of discrimination is based on disability, especially in access to public goods and services, to medical and educational institutions. Andrei Brighidin recognised that stereotypes about persons with the disability were still presented among society and didn’t allow them to live a full life.

The discussion was mainly focused on the purposes of Moldova’s Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development when it was mentioned that for better combat with discrimination, the Council should have more levers to prevent discrimination and punish offenders. In that context, Andrei Brighidin noted that it would perfect if the Council’s mandate was extended in order to have the more detailed view of the current situation in the Republic of Moldova. The information requested from the National Bureau of Statistics was insufficient, even the information on medical insurance raised a lot of questions because a part of society wasn’t medical insured.

Having the necessary information, the Council would work closely with the Government for providing health insurance to all citizens in spite of race, ethnicity, gender and spoken language. The voices of discriminated people weren’t heard, that’s why there were too little actions to combat the discrimination.

Meanwhile, the delegation was interested in finding out if people from Transnistria could appeal to the Council.

We would like to inform that the inhabitants of the Transnistrian region have the right, as well as the inhabitants of the right bank of the Dniester, to lodge a complaint to the Council in the case of discrimination.