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The Museum Centre Inauguration of Holocaust Remembrance Day and Inter-ethnic Tolerance

On 26 January, the Council’s President Ian Feldman took part in the Museum centre inauguration of Holocaust Remembrance Day and Inter-ethnic Tolerance, he attended the roundtable conference ‘Holocaust is a historical lesson for tolerance’ and participated in the Ceremony of laying flowers to the Memorial Complex of Holocaust victims. All these events were dedicated to the International Day Holocaust Remembrance Day on 27 January.

‘National day of remembrance makes us think about the consequences of hate ideas, of hate speeches, which are heard towards ethic, linguistic and religious groups. Ideas of racial supremacy lead to disasters.’ – noted in Ian Feldman in his speech.

Council President commended the representatives of the Bureau of Inter-ethnic relations for the initiative to create a Museum centre, where everybody would have the possibility to study deeper these historical events.

XXIst century has left in the history as a century of magnificent scientific researchers, but, at the same time, it has remained as a century of terrible crimes against humanity. These terrible mistakes should not be repeated anymore, they should remain lessons for us and future generations.

The Holocaust tragedy has stamped on the historical pages of our country. During the World War II, in the present territory of the Republic of Moldova, 300 000 of Jews and Romany representatives were exterminated. These events cannot leave any human being indifferent. That’s why year after year it is planned to increase efforts for analyzing all these lessons.

Council for preventing and eliminating discrimination and ensuring equality commemorates the victims of Holocaust and remands that hate crime, hate speeches cannot be tolerated and must be stopped in the name of humanity