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Hate Speech in Election Campaign - International Conference

March 12th, 2019 – Council’s President Yan Feldman participates in the international conference “Hate Speech in Election Campaign”, which is held in Tbilisi, Georgia. This conference involved representatives from public institutions, civil society organizations and international organizations.

At the conference, Yan Feldman will discuss such issues as “Hate Speech between standards and practice” and will present a case study about “Hate Speech during election campaigns”. At the end of the conference, it will be made a report, which will combine recommendations based on the international practice that combat hate speech and incitement during elections.

The conference was opened by the Head of the Council of Europe Office in Georgia Cristian Urse and the Chairperson of the Georgian Young Lawyers Association Sulkhan Saladze.

Since 2013 Council has analyzed 22 complaints, where incitement to discrimination was invoked.

A broader reflection of the situation of incitement to discrimination and hate speech is found in the SPEECHES AND INSTIGATION TO DISCRIMINATION in the public space and of mass media in the Republic of Moldova analysis, and in the Media Monitoring Report on the Inclusion of Minorities in Election Processes.