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President Yan Feldman's Message of Congratulations on 5 years anniversary since Council establishment.

July 31st is anniversary day for the Equality Council because today we mark 5 years since our foundation. During these years, Council has managed to create a strong basis and to become a national mechanism for preventing discrimination.

Thanks for the support and faith received from the development partners, non-governmental organizations and national and international institutions, we were able to ensure the effectiveness of the organization. Special merit to the staff members of the administrative apparatus, who have fulfilled their responsibilities with great honour and devotion, helping to increase the people’s trust in the Council.

Prevention, protection against discrimination and promotion of equal opportunities are key components of Council’s activity. For preventing discrimination Council has organized 220 learning sessions for 5300 persons. It has examined the correspondence of Normative Acts and legislation according to non-discrimination standards and it has issued advisory opinions: 68 for normative acts and 109 opinions on draft laws.

Since the Council’s foundation, it has received 816 complaints, 140 of which have been received in this year. This shows the increase of 60% compared to 2017.

Analyzing the Council promotional activity, it is necessary to highlight the following national campaigns: Be yourself, it’s your right! and Equality between generations!

For the following period, Council initiates to become more reachable for vulnerable groups and to create an easy approach of the Law for Ensuring Equality, The petitioner’s guide will become accessible for persons with visual impairments and will be translated in Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Gagauz and Romani languages for minatory groups.

The small number of complaints from rural area has motivated Council to start the social campaign “Equal Rights in rural communities” and to raise the level of awareness of residents from rural areas about discrimination and the activities of the Council. This campaign is going officially to start in the mid-August. 
We welcome the participation of civil society.