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Commissioner for Human Rights Interested in The Council's Activity

On October 13, 2017, Nils Muižnieks, Commissioner for Human Rights together with representatives of CoE Bojana Urumova and Olena Petsun undertook a fact-finding visit to the Council.  The delegation had a meeting with the Council’s president Yan Feldman and the Head of the administrative body, Olga Bulmaga. During the discussions, Yan Feldman presented the general situation related to the Council’s activity, results and challenges. However, Commissioner also paid attention to the component which was dealing with criteria of discrimination, such as gender, domestic violence and access to justice.

Yan Feldman presented to the delegation the Council’s statics on decisions issued where it was found discrimination. Thus, these data have shown that the most discriminated groups of people have belonged to the following protected criteria like disability, sex/gender, age, language. In this regard, Yan Feldman informed the representatives of delegation about examined cases where it was involved one of this criteria.

At the end of discussions, Commissioner appreciated the Council’s activity for combating discrimination and ensuring equality even the promotion of gender equality, expressing his support to the Council’s future activity.

The President Yan Feldman thanked the Commissioner and the whole delegation for showing their concerns and interests towards to phenomenon of discrimination in our society despite the fact that their visit to Moldova was very short, they managed to inform themselves about the situation from the first source in particular from the Council for preventing and eliminating discrimination and ensuring equality.