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In the Couple of Years We Would Have Lived in Another Country!

In 2017, the Republic of Moldova was examined by the UN Committees, which prepared sets of recommendations for improving the legal framework for respecting, protecting and promoting Human Rights. The President of the Council Ian Feldman mentioned that if state institutions had respected those recommendations, in the couple of years we would have lived in another country.

More than 100 representatives from public authorities, state and nongovernmental organizations have united to participate in the forum and to take the next goals: aggregation of the results in Human Rights field for 2017; identification of trends for promoting Human Rights in the Republic Moldova for 2018; selecting priorities for the next years.

President Ian Feldman participated in the workshop ‘Equality is an instrument for ensuring sustainable economic development’, where proposed ideas for improving the economic situation in the state by including in the socio-economic life the marginalized persons, who were represented by persons with disabilities, national minorities, Roma persons. He underlined that the Republic of Moldova had been facing the problem of migration and one of the measures to maintain the economic stability was to involve vulnerable groups in economic activities.

The Council’s President declared: ‘For involving these persons in the socio-economic life the government must use a minimum effort. For example, there are 184 thousands of persons with disabilities, and the majority of them can work, but they need to be provided with necessary accommodations, like ramps in schools and public or private organizations. At the same time, by providing with the right to the parental leave for both parents, because they both need to participate in the life of their children, women can return earlier to work and contribute to the state budget. The rights of national minorities need to be promoted and they need to be encouraged to participate in these activities. Everyone has a potential which needs to be achieved. If there were created equal opportunities for all of us, the Republic of Moldova would become a better state!’. Moreover, he added that these persons would not consume from the state budget but, on the contrary, would contribute to the economic increase.

Diversity is the richness of every state and this element should be valued.