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Four Years of Foundation. Let’s Open Our Doors Again!

On July 31, in the context of Doors Open Day, the Council for Preventing and Eliminating Discrimination and Ensuring Equality organized a round table discussion on Situation in the field of preventing and combating discrimination in the Republic of Moldova: challenges and perspectives.  The event was dedicated to the 4th anniversary of the Council’s foundation.

In order to strengthen the relations of collaboration,  the Council managed to bring together the development partners, public representatives, civil society and all those who have the attribution to ensure human rights and create a better society.

During the presentation, President Ian Feldman made known to the participants that issues are faced by people in vulnerable groups. Based on the Council’s decisions, we find that people with locomotor disabilities are still the most discriminated, largely because of the inaccessibility of buildings, both in the public and private spheres, but also in public transport. According to the Council’s statistical data, in 2016, 23.5% are decisions finding the lack of accessibility for people with disabilities, compared with 14.5% in 2014.

Due to the 3 informative and awareness campaigns that took place during the year 2016, the elements of discrimination began to be known, and people can distinguish between discrimination and injustice, that’s why the number of decision has decreased.

Thanks to the United Nations Development Program, the new web site was created for the Council, which has a simple design and it is divided into blocks for special needs of vulnerable groups. The site is available in 3 languages but it also has an automotive translation tool in other languages.

The meeting offered participants the opportunity to interact and to present directly the issues which they are facing and, of course, to make proposals for preventing the violation and discrimination of human rights and, which the Council will take into account in its work.

We thank all participants for their receptivity and contribution.